12 Stars of Design Assignments


Alternate Universe. For the Alternate Universe design assignment I chose to crop a picture of me and put myself on Mars! I had trouble finding a picture that would work well, but I do think it turned out pretty well. It looks like I am in an alternate universe!


Are We There Yet. For this one, I snipped out a picture of a friend and I sitting on a rock. I moved us to a different sitting location. This being along the eroded coast of Lake Ontario in upstate New York. There were a few issues as the rock and eroded coast were different shapes. However, it seemed to work pretty well apart from my leg.


Free Advertising. For this, I chose to place the Nike Air shoe in the air for the advertisement. It just makes sense! I drew a wing onto the end of the show to give it a bit more symbolism and I had it. I new poster for the Nike air shoe. This time actually flying!


Ds106 Radio. For the radio logo, I simply got some headphones on top of a emoji and placed a radio tower above. While also adding matching colored text to the bottom for the radio station name.


Apocoalyptic Alternative Book Cover. The book cover required a bit more though, however, I found it actually pretty easy. I found a beautiful drawn cat in police gear and decided to use that as my main cover image. I added the rainbow six logo at the top as well as some clip art at the bottom for more symbolism towards the book. While also adding a matching border around the edges. I would have liked to do more with the background, however I do not yet have the skills to crop out the cat.

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