Design Blitz Concepts


The above is an example of Typography. Mostly, my point is to focus on the Belmans Plaza sign. Where the name of the shopping center along Lafayette Boulevard is. The sign is of interest to this particular subset because there are a bunch of different fonts on the business sign. Each business was likely able to choose their own design, within a number of specifications of course. Businesses such as AmeriGas which to me is a recognizable sort of logo because of the red A and G with the other letters blue. While they all have simple fonts each is a bit different such as the Salvation Army font from the AmeriGas font.


The above is an example of Proportion. The sign is again my interest. There are a number of specific proportions on the sign that match together. For example, all the sides apart from the bottom are spaced a certain distance from the edge, this creates a clean look. Another being the “For Lease” and phone number, they are each centered together, the same width and the same distance from the red/grey divide. The “For Lease” also lines up with the building design picture. While the phone number and “New Construction” text also line up in the same way.


The above is an example of function. Again of interest is the Bob Thomas sign. It functions perfectly. The signs job is to get the message out in a minimalist way. It only uses 2 colors and 1 font. The name of the candidate is places centered in the middle in larger text. While the main function of the sign “Expanding Obamacare” is placed at the bottom in a white box in red text, making it inverted from the rest of the sign and standing out. It functions in a simple and minimalist way that gets the message out to passing drivers quickly.


The above is an example of color. I took this picture while hiking along the Quarry trail in Fredericksburg. There is a lot going on in the picture but also not. As there are really only two color tones – Brown and Green. However, there is a lot of detail to go along, starting with the trail – the number of rocks, pebbles, leaves and sticks along it. Furthermore with the trees and shrubbery – the larger number of different leaves, and grasses as well as branches and vines. These are what give it the vivid detail, while them being the same color, create a sort of minimalist look.

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