Sound Effects Story

The purpose of the Sounds Effects Story assignment was to create a story using only sound effects. In my case, I got a number of sounds effects from freesounds and created my story. The story is about a person leaving their house and driving away. The idea for this came as one of the featured sounds that came up on freesounds was a car leaving a driveway and a woman walking in heels. I decided to put these sounds together in a story. The most thoughtful way I could do that was with her leaving her house and driving away.

I found a number of other sounds that would work too. These included a garage door sound, doors closing and opening to symbolize the lady leaving and multiple car driving sounds. Including driving away and driving over a bridge. I managed to download and put these sounds into audible and move them around to fit in place with minimal editing. Once the full story was complete, I exported the project as a windows media file and uploaded it to Sound Cloud for others to listen too!

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