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A black eyed-broken nose Max Scherzer strikes again. On Wednesday night against the Philadelphia Phillies, Scherzer struck out 10, pitching 7 scoreless innings. The news on Tuesday was that Scherzer had broken his nose during batting practice. However, the very next day he would still pitch, and to that 10 k’s on 7 scoreless innings was a spectacle.

It all started with batting practice, where Scherzer was practicing bunting and wound hitting the ball into his face – breaking his nose in the process.

Scherzer is a pretty tough guy, who likes to go out there and gets the job done. He is one of the most electrifying and competitive players out there and a future Hall of Famer. Even with a broken nose, Scherzer had to go out there and do his job – do what he is paid to do.


And as Scherzer would later tell, during the game, his nose did not hurt one bit. He did what he was paid to do, pitch.

The game was flawless and by the seventh inning, Scherzer was nearing the end of his run at over 100 pitches with 7 strikeouts and no runs allowed. But we would still have much to see. As the seventh would be his best inning yet. Scherzer would strikeout 3 batters in an electrifying inning, culminating in this final soundbite.

After that final inning and 117 pitches later, Scherzer would finally rest with the Nationals going on to beat the Phillies. Scherzer’s statbar for the day speaks for itself.


After the game, Nationals Manager Davey Johnson was doing his post game press conference, and this is what he said when speaking of Scherzer’s performance.

The Broken Nose game will likely live in infamy as one of Scherzer’s greatest, even as he says his nose didn’t hurt one bit. To everyone who watched, especially to those who have had a broken nose before, this was one of the greatest performances they have ever seen.

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