Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad

Ira on storytelling was actually really fun to listen too. I learned a lot about how much work actually goes into telling a story, specifically podcasts, and that when starting out its very hard to know how to tell a story well. Your story can be amazing but you will know when it is not told well. Ira had this experience himself when starting out at NPR. He summarized this by saying that a great idea can be executed in a terrible way, and this is done through two errors. One being trying to emulate others where the story begins to sound unnatural. By being human you sounds natural and your voice will flow. The second error being that individuals when telling a story talk too much about themselves and do not have a good personality when telling it. What’s interesting is not your take on your own story, but rather how you interact and deal with other people, this is what gives it drama, the pieces about how people interact and conflict. Ira ends that a good story has a balance between multiple people.

Jad, talks more about radio as a whole and how different of an experience it is from picture tv. He says that the coolest thing about radio is that it lacks pictures. It allows a story teller to become more connected to a listener. If a story tellers job is done right, then certain images pour into a liseners head, these are the images that each are thinking about. While in Radio, the story teller is also just talking to the listener which gives it a certain intimacy. Jad adds that Radio was supposed to have died 100 times by now, but it has not, and that is because of this intimate perception that each listener has which allows them to connect to the story and to the story teller.

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