Moon Graffiti

For this portion I listened to “Moon Graffiti“. A made up story based on an event that could have actually happened. It is about what may have happened if the astronauts in the mission to the moon had actually crashed and died rather than surviving and making it back to Earth. As I said it could have happened, there was an actually speech written for this specific instance that would have been given if they had died on the moon.

This snippet gives the story a sense of truth to it. The writers even if it is make believe, make the story seem so true, with them acting through a storyline of each other on the moon. There are a number of sounds and sound effects that make it seem so real. Such as the general audio blur throughout that makes it seem like they are talking through radio to each other, which they are. This gives them a sense of place within their space suits. While when the ship crashed their was audio also to that, giving the listener a visual as to what is going on around them. In addition, there is also a sense of silence in the surrounding air, like there is nothing else there and that they are alone, which they were. These sounds drove the story, by giving it a lonely mood. One that felt trapped to a point.

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