TED Radio Hour and ScottLo

In this TED Radio Hour, I, instead of listening to the story, listened to how it was told. This allowed me to better understand the story telling technique, especially after listening to Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad.

In the TED, I found it special because of the way they hooked the listener right from the start. The storyteller didn’t start with an introduction, he started by going right into the story leaving questions in a listeners mind as to what was going on. It made me want to know more, which means I kept listening instead of turning it off. The beginning of the intro also allowed for a sort of intimacy between the storyteller and the listener, there seemed to be silent if not for the man talking. As the intro progressed, there were more and more sounds, first a woman’s voice from the point of view from someone in the story, the music, and the sounds that were seemed to be from the actual story. This continued to hook me and made me want to listen more. I also felt more of a connection to the story as I felt like I was actually in it. After a certain point the intro ended with a bit more music.

ScottLo was different, but by listening to him in the same way I learned that he is an exception story teller. His way of telling his story is different. He was there to explain an audio portion of ds106, but he did so in a way that made me want to actually listen. When he said “first I’m going to get a sip of coffee” it made me feel like I was actually in the room. While he also added parts that let me understand where this podcasts was going, an outline of sorts for what the future held.

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