From what I learned, Vigenlli seems to be at the forefront of graphic design. He started in an age of growth in the media industry where graphics were what everyone began to see, especially in color. When I first read that he got a degree in architecture, I assumed that he would be going into building design, but I was surprised to learn that his part of architecture was more based around graphic design; the graphic design of advertisements and products.

In addition, the most important part of the piece to me was that fact that he designed the New York City subway map. To me as a geography major and GIS student, maps are everything and really when I think about, at times I do exactly what he did. Design is all about colors and placement, and making sure that what you want to stand out – stands out.

Furthermore, Vignelli designed a number of historical corporate logos. Including American Airlines, it is a logo that is known by millions around the world. Its crazy to think about the impact that one design can have on so many people. People know the company just by their simple logo. His job was to create a logo that everyone will know instantly; and he did just that.

Vignelli is someone whom I had never heard of before reading this piece. However, now with what I know, I understand that there is so much more to everything that we see everyday. All the logos the advertisements and the maps; there is so much more that goes into them than just being a name. Vignelli was able to achieve that, he created much more than a name, rather he created symbols that people know without seeing a name.

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