Mid Week Summary

The first step, in any project, is building the backend. In this case, the back end was creating the website and creating accounts for Flickr, Soundcloud, Twitter, and Youtube. Simply put, this is the easiest step! All were easy to set up, I already had a domain through UMW, so I created a subdomain for this class. While for other accounts, I simply created a combination with my name and the class number, such as MattMDL106.

Furthermore, the next part was to create an introductory post on each piece of media. This included an about page on my website, with writing on the basics of the class and my name. For all four media, I simply posted a statement saying hello and what the account was to be used for. For Flickr, Youtube, and Soundcloud, this included a bio page rather than an account post, like on Twitter.

Much of what was done, is very simple and intuitive. None of it was difficult as I had used all of these sites beforehand and understand how they all work. Posting was also simple, as I had also done all that before. The hardest part was figuring out how to do an introduction on all. Twitter was easy as I was able to do my first tweet. However, the other 3 were more difficult, you are not able to simply create a post. The hard part was figuring out what to do, and in these cases either uploaded an image like on Flikr or added a bio to my account.

I have definitely enjoyed this so far, for the part because it was a simple assignment, but also because its fun to create a whole set of accounts and a website to go along with them. Now that they are all linked, the storytelling can commence.

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