Week 2 Summary

Week 2 required a bit more work than I thought, and I missed a few of the assignments that I did not realize I had to do. Fear not! I will in the future plan that out a bit better… I found the assignments quite fun to do yet mostly pretty simple. The design blitz was pretty interesting, although I found myself using signs more often than not, these are pretty easy to dissect into the different design concepts that were mentioned. For the design assignment, I had to learn how to use a new photo editing program. I had thought I had photoshop but did not. Once I got the hang of an online editing program it was pretty simple to put together the assignments. The best part was Vignelli, I am really interested in design and it was fun to read about someone who can be considered one of the great early graphic designers.

To dive deeper, for design blitz, I took 4 images over the week and used them in relation to 4 chosen concepts Typography, Function, Proportions, and Color. For Typography, I had a picture of a business center sign and described the different logo designs and text on that sign. For Proportion, I had a picture of a future new construction sign. I described the proportions with the text, pictures, and color on that sign. For Function, I again had a picture of a sign, this time a political one. The sign was very simple and minimalist. I talked about how it functions in a simple yet effective way. Lastly, for Color, I used a picture I took while hiking along the Quarry trail. I described the vivid yet simple colors that took place, and how there really were only two colors in the picture.

For the design assignments, they were harder than I thought. I thought I knew how to edit photos, but really I only know how to in Photoshop, which I do not currently have access to so I had to improvise. Originally, I tried to use gimp but found it had too steep of a learning curve and switched to a free online photo editor that was sort of like Photoshop. This was simple with an easy learning curve. I was able to complete a total of 13.5 stars doing Alternate Universe, Are We There Yet, Free Advertising, Ds106 Radio, and Apocalyptic Alternative Book Cover. These did get progressively harder as I went from simply editing myself into creating a book cover using a bunch of different images. Nevertheless, they were fun assignments and I had fun getting creative with putting myself in weird places or creating new images from a concept.

Lastly, Vignelli was a lot of fun to read about! He seemed to be at the forefront of graphic design at an age of immense growth in the media industry. He designed logos for American Airlines and drew a perfect map of the New York Subway system. I found myself relating a lot to him as I love maps, being a geography major as well as logos. The whole point of a logo is to recognize a company without seeing words and he executed that to perfection with the American Airlines logo, a logo still known today.

This week, as mentioned I was not able to complete the full assignment workload. I had a lot on my plate the past couple weeks and didn’t realize how much there was to do. Going forward I will make sure that that is not an issue. The part that I enjoyed the most was reading about Vignelli and I learned a lot about early graphic design in terms of him as well as in the design blitz assignment with design in general. In doing anything differently, I would have planned better and would have tried to learn a photo editing program in advance.

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