Week 3 Summary

I did enjoy the audio portion which is week 3! Audio editing does take a while to complete, however, I had previous experience with audacity making it pretty easy to get started. I was able to complete the audio assignments and readings for the week.

I completed 3 daily creates this week. The first linked here for June 6th. The create was specifically to post something that would catch my interest. As a geography major the whole world would, so I posted a globe. The second linked here for June 8th was just about anything gifing my favorite thing, in this case, puppies! The third linked here for Juen 9th was about what I would change about one of the laws of ds106. I changed law number 14 from “Better” is the enemy of “good”. So what about amazing!? to ask why amazing wasn’t considered as an enemy because it is better than good!

The readings, well not really readings in this case but podcasts were really interesting. The first piece, from Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad on story telling and how radio is so special. There is so much work that actually goes into telling a story and that one’s ability to paint a picture is the most important part. Jad said that radio was supposed to have died 100 times by now, but it is that painting and intimacy towards radio that keeps it going.

The second, In TED Radio Hour and ScottLo, after listening to Ira and Jad I chose to listen to how they told their stories rather than what was being talked about. This allowed me to better understand their technique. I found it to be a really cool way to listen, I was still able to listen to what they said, but noticed so much more in how they said it. The hook at the beginning of TED and how they went from almost silence to many different sounds pulled me in and made me interested, while with ScottLo, he made me feel like I was actually there just with the way he talks and little add-ins he says.

As for the third, Moon Graffiti, It was based upon the story of astronauts landing on the moon and on an instance that did and did not happen. A speech was written for this specific outcome. The story was driven by sound, from their almost silence that made the reader feel like they were on the moon to the radio sounds when each astronaut spoke that made it feel like to you were literally in the astronaut’s shoes. These sounds gave the story a drive and hooked me into keep listening.

The next part of the assignments was to create audio snippets. I chose to create four different assignments. Those being Favorite Sounds which was 2 stars, 800% Slower which were 3 stars, Reverse which was 3.5 stars and Sound Effects Story which was 4 stars.

For Favorite Sounds, I chose a number of sounds which I really liked an put them into an audio snippet through audacity and then uploaded it to soundcloud. For 800% Slower, I chose soothing sounds and made it even more soothing by slowing it down as much as possible. This allowed for it to be dragged out into an even longer song with longer notes. For Reverse, I reversed a popular song and gave a number of hints as to who the song was by. For Sound Effects Story, I told a short story with only sounds. This was done by choosing free sounds and putting them together in audacity.

I had a lot of fun creating all of these and experimenting with the different ways things can be done in Audacity. I already knew the basics of how to use it so the assignments were pretty simple. Especially based on the fact that music was easy to find and that, the website freesounds has so many sounds to choose from. This made my experience quite easy with choosing what I needed. SoundCloud also it pretty easy to upload my snippets to and allows for embedding on websites. My inspirations came from whatever I was currently doing. Such as the story, I began with a sound that was featured on the website and went from there. While with Reverse I chose a song and artist that I have listened to a lot in the past few weeks.

Overall, I think audio is pretty interesting and has been my favorite part so far. Even as editing audio is very time consuming I enjoyed it the most over other assignments. The thoughts portion was also fun, as I was able to listen to the assigned items, which in my view is much better than reading. I was able to learn a lot more about how to paint a picture for the listener which gives the listener and story teller a intimate connection that brings them back time and time again.

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